We are explorers at heart.

We believe that health comes from a sense of physical wellbeing, connectedness and purpose. We believe that in sharing new experiences we create the opportunity to connect with both others and ourselves. It’s in breaking from our daily routines and exploring new landscapes that we create space to explore our greatest dreams. It’s through radical self care that we heighten our senses, our awareness, and find new perspectives from which to view life. 

Our retreats are designed as a powerful means to kick start your health, improve your physical well being and nourish your soul. Our ultimate goal is for you to return to daily life feeling renewed and with newfound energy with which to design the life you desire. We believe that each of us is the architect of our own destiny. Anything is possible. 

Our passion and purpose is to show you how to Elevate your Life. 


“I went on my first Elevate Retreat not really knowing what to expect. I’m a working mother with 2 young children, a self-proclaimed Type A personality and I spend my days in a fast-paced corporate job. I was looking for a break from my hectic life and thought a weekend retreat would deliver that through exercise and relaxation. What I got from the retreat was so much more than that. I came away not only refreshed, but more importantly, energized, inspired and empowered to use what I had learned during the weekend to live a happier, healthier more fulfilled life - much better than just exercise and relaxation! I can’t wait to go on another retreat and would highly recommend trying it for yourself.”
— Nicole Ow