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“I went on my first Elevate Retreat not really knowing what to expect. I’m a working mother with 2 young children, a self-proclaimed Type A personality and I spend my days in a fast-paced corporate job. I was looking for a break from my hectic life and thought a weekend retreat would deliver that through exercise and relaxation. What I got from the retreat was so much more than that. I came away not only refreshed, but more importantly, energized, inspired and empowered to use what I had learned during the weekend to live a happier, healthier more fulfilled life - much better than just exercise and relaxation! I can’t wait to go on another retreat and would highly recommend trying it for yourself.”
— Nicole Ow
This was my first ever retreat! I am not a girly girl, I was worried it would involve too much girl chat…It didn’t. The balance was perfect. Stunning location, excellent culinary delights that we participated in making too. A good amount of muscle burning workouts, a fascinating mix of characters …...and the scary intention setting exercise….was safe, secure and so very liberating. As women we are all powerful and when we get together that becomes so very evident. Nikki Bergen is one awesome woman. She has lived a lot in her young life and she has a loyal friend and follower in me.
— Sam Wright
Nikki’s Elevate retreat experience was much more than I expected. Her incredible energy, warmth and wealth of knowledge created an unforgettable weekend. Not only was it a weekend filled with Nikki’s amazing workouts but also, a weekend of growth personally and spiritually. Nikki’s ability to create a safe environment opened everyone up to deep, honest conversation. I can’t wait for the next one!!
— Alex Coventry
I went to Jamaica this past January with Elevate Retreats and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to start the new year. My sister came with me and it was a great way to get to spend a week together. I left feeling refreshed and motivated. Workouts with Nikki were challenging but SO worth it. I really loved everything about it- the workouts, relaxing time at the beach, the amazing food and all the wonderful and inspiring ladies I met while I was there. Already planning my next trip with Elevate Retreats!
— Ashley Hilmes
The one week retreat to Jamaica was a perfect rejuvenating experience. The daily high quality workouts from expert instructors Nikki and Laura in the open air tropical setting and the delicious healthy meals were highlights of the trip. What made the week more unique was the exposure to Jamaican culture with the daily hiking or Jamaican cooking lessons, the friendliness of the retreat owners and staff who were always happy to chat about Jamaica. A couple of days spent at the beautiful beaches of Negril and a night of dancing at the local nightclub added to the wonderful memories of the vacation!
— Verna Mai
The perfect weekend for body and soul. A beautiful location on Lake Muskoka combined with good company, killer pilates, healthy meals, thoughtful conversations, a walk in the woods, meditation, and glass of wine left us all feeling refreshed, restored and hopeful. Thank you, Nikki, for leading such a fabulous retreat. It was so much more than I had anticipated.
— Kate Vrancart
“When I received Nikki’s invitation to the Ste Anne’s Elevate Retreat, I was about to make the usual excuses for why I shouldn’t go - not enough time, not enough money, guilt over spending time and money without my family. But I decided to take the plunge and I am so glad that I did! I have returned with a renewed sense of energy, focus, and commitment to achieving my health and wellness goals. What surprised me most - something that I was not seeking but am SO glad that I found- are the amazing new friendships that I made at the retreat. In hindsight, it’s no surprise at all - Nikki is a smart, driven woman so she will naturally draw like-minded women to her group. I look forward to fostering my new friendships and, I hope, reuniting with these amazing women at a future Elevate Retreat.
— Mehnaz Malik
This was my first Elevate Retreat with Nikki, and what better way to start 2016 than in Nicaragua! Nikki delivered all that was promised and more! The resort was amazing - fabulous food, suitable amenities, friendly, helpful staff, and the location was perfect. Her workouts were challenging and the planned activities were exactly what I was looking for. The perfect balance of physical wellbeing with rest and relaxation. And the bonus was meeting so many amazing women. Already looking forward to the next one Nikki :)
— Steph McLean
This was a truly transformative weekend for me. The Elevate Retreat was the healthy kickstart I’ve been looking for. Nikki has created an integrated system that includes bodywork, holistic nutrition and personal development. It’s a formula for true wellness and transformation. I keep running out of superlatives. I highly recommend her retreats to anyone looking to elevate their lives and feel amazing.
— Mia Pearson

Allowing myself a whole weekend to invest in mind, body and soul was a total treat. Nikki has that rare combination of warmth, knowledge, humour and empathy; she really brings out the best in the group (this also makes you actually want to power through that extra set of reps when she’s pushing you to the limit!). Nikki and her team were so committed to finding a great balance of activities and down time during the retreat; I came back feeling refreshed and inspired.
— Nicole Grant
The Elevate Retreat weekend was absolutely the ideal opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life – managing a full time career and life as a mom and wife – and focus on the importance of living a heathier and more balanced life. It was an entire weekend where I invested time for myself through exercise, relaxation and meditation. I definitely came away from the experience feeling rejuvenated, inspired and empowered. Thank you to Nikki and the team for inviting me to this amazing experience.
— Catherine Santos
I had always wanted to do a wellness retreat of some sort to recharge from the constant demands that life imposes on us. My experience with Elevate Retreat in Nicaragua exceeded my expectations and has made an impression that will last a lifetime. Nikki’s infectious positive energy infiltrated the entire experience which encouraged you to push beyond your limits - physically and mentally. The workshops led by Carol in goal setting/reminding us all of the genius we possess were a great guide to live our best life and rekindle with our true essence. Sharing our insights and life experiences with so many wonderful women from all walks of life in a safe, accepting environment was truly magical. I highly recommend for any open, adventurous woman looking to recharge!
— Natalie Sommer
Just wanted to thank you for organizing the retreat. Between the setting, the food, the practice and the care, I was reeling in amazing energy for weeks!! I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the retreat. Definitely surpassed all my expectations.
I can’t stop recommending this experience to my friends. Thank you again.
— Anastasia Kanellopoulos
This was my first ever retreat with Nikki and i must say it surpassed all my expectations. I am a busy mom of two young kids and was in need of some self-care. The weekend consisted of Pilates, the most amazing meals by a holistic chef, meditation, a hike and more, not to mention meeting an amazing group of woman. I left feeling relaxed, energized and inspired. I have been recommending this retreat to all my friends and cannot wait for the next one. Thank you for an amazing weekend Nikki!
— Kristin Ciotola